Riverview Auto car servicing and repairs workshop

RVA Workshop

At our spacious workshops, we are equipped to handle our customers' increasing needs to keep their vehicles in tip top conditions.

Riverview Auto car servicing and repairs workshop

Workshop #04-07

We have a very experienced team utilising high-tech computer diagnostic equipments to service a wide range of car models.

Riverview Auto car servicing and repairs workshop

Workshop #04-16

At our workshops, we combine the expertise of our crew and the technological prowess of our equipment to deliver award-winning services.

Customer care team for car servicing enquiries

Customer Service Office

Come on in and let our friendly customer care team assist you with any request and query you might have about our services.

Waiting lounge in car servicing workshop

Waiting Lounge

Sit back and relax in our cozy waiting area, and enjoy the complimentary hot beverages while your cars are being serviced.

Experienced service crew and technicians

Experienced Service Crews

Well-trained and dedicated, our service crew have the expertise to take good care of your vehicles.

Servicing tools and equipment for vehicle electronic problems

Diagnostic Equipments

We are equipped with sophisticated computerised equipments and software to diagnose all your vehicle electronic problems.

Computerised wheel alignment and measurements

Wheel Alignment

We use state-of-the-art equipment and software for complete computerised wheel alignment and measurements to ensure precision and accuracy.

Aircon repair and maintenance services

Aircon Servicing

We provide air-con repair and maintenance services to ensure its maximum efficiency.

Brake disc rotor skimming service

Brake Disc Rotor Skimming

Brake disc rotor skimming service is available at our workshop.

Remap and calibrate vehicle engine ECUs


Our crew can do a remapping and calibration of engine ECUs for your vehicle to have better power performance.

Vehicle engine and gearbox repair services


We also provide repair services to your vehicle's engine/gearbox ECUs for a smooth ride.

Car washing services at our workshop

Car Wash Facility

Using only quality products, we take great care to ensure your vehicles are clean and shiny again.

Vehicle collision repairs and insurance claim submission

Collision Repair / Insurance Claim

Collision repair and claims department - we will handle all the necessary documentation work for you. Any accident claim matters or own damaged collision repair works, please contact Mr Kevin Mong @ 9669 0725.